UNESCO General History of Africa, Volume 2: Ancient Africa

The results of years of labor via students from worldwide, The UNESCO normal background of Africa displays how the several peoples of Africa view their civilizations and exhibits the historic relationships among a number of the elements of the continent. ancient connections with different continents show Africa's contribution to the advance of human civilization. every one quantity is lavishly illustrated and includes a accomplished bibliography.

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Eight different types of Kerma pottery 262 nine. nine okay e r m a burial 263 nine. 10 Nubia in the course of the N e w state 264 nine. eleven (a) T y p e of N e w ok i n g d o m burial 272 nine. eleven (b) T y p e of N e w country burial 272 10. 1 Meroitic websites 2jg 10. 2 Saqia 288 12. 1 T h e Nile from the 1st Cataract to the 6th Cataract 327 12. 2 Plans of Faras I 328 12. three Plans of Faras II 330 thirteen. 1 Ethiopia within the middleman pre-Aksumite interval 342 thirteen. 2 Ethiopia within the south Arabian interval 344 15. 1 M a p displaying A ok s u m ' s enlargement 382 19. 1 R o m a n provinces in North Africa on the finish of the second one century of our period 467 19. 2 R o m a n provinces in North Africa within the fourth century of our period 473 19. three T h e Byzantine episode in North Africa exhibiting army buildings, fortresses, cities 504-5 20. 1 T h e Sahara in classical antiquity 514 21. 1 Hypotheses about the foundation of the Bantu and the start of iron operating 535 21. 2 Copper resources and caravan routes around the Sahara 544 23. 1 East African language groupings and relationships 56g 23. 2 East Africa: Political m a p and m a p exhibiting the distribution of languages and peoples 570 24. 1 West Africa: vital prehistoric websites 5Q4 24. 2 T h e Sahara emphasizing the topographic highlands sgs 24. three T h e Tilemsi valley complicated six hundred ix List of figures 24. four 24. five 25. 1 25. 2 25. three T h e Tichitt zone 601 cost m o u n d s of the Firki 603 M a p of principal Africa exhibiting locations pointed out within the textual content 621 Uelian polished awl (hematite) 623 gadgets came upon on the Batalimo website, south of Bangui (Central African Republic) 624 25. four M a p of significant Africa displaying parts of 'Neolithic' and 'early iron age' career 625 25. five items discovered at Sanga 626-7 26. 1 Rock portray: w o m e n with weighted digging-sticks 646 26. 2 a bunch of m e n with bows, arrows and quivers sixty four/ 26. three Fishing scene from Tsoelike, Lesotho 649 26. four Rock portray exhibiting a bunch of hunters of their cave 652 26. five Rock portray displaying a wide crew of figures 656 26. 6 clash scene 657 26. 7 M a p of southern Africa displaying overdue stone age websites 659 26. eight T h e earliest dates to be had for the looks of pottery and household inventory in later stone age contexts in southern Africa 660 26. nine A herd of bat-tailed sheep 662 26. 10 A galleon painted within the mountains of the Western Cape 666 26. eleven W a g o n s , horses and trekkers 668 26. 12 a gaggle of small inventory raiders armed with bows and arrows 669 27. 1 Southern Africa: position of early iron age and similar websites pointed out within the textual content 672 27. 2 Southern Africa: websites 673 27. three Early iron age pottery from Twickenham highway 685 27. four Pottery from Mabveni 687 28. 1 Madagascar displaying very important websites 694 28. 2 Madagascar exhibiting areas pointed out within the textual content 695 28. three Double-valved bellows of the sort present in Indonesia 696 28. four Fish-hooks from Talaky (twelfth century) 712 28. five Ceramics from Kingany and Rasoky (fifteenth century) 712 x List of plates Intro, i Onslaught at the Nile 25 Intro. 2 The Palermo Stone 25 Intro. three Palette of Narmer 25 Intro.

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